I am now retired as you may surmise from my earlier statement that I was a freshman in college in 1949. My interests have gone in different directions and some of my commitments are of a public service nature rather than a personal one. I do not have a lot of time to spend on the subject of the Kenbak-1 computer.


One must realize that I designed the Kenbak-1 computer 36 years ago. That is long enough to forget a lot especially because I have not been active with the subject for many years. In recent years, these "antiques" are becoming scarce and collectible items. This has been my motivation in bringing the two Kenbak-1 computers that I own back to life. Perhaps it will help some of my descendants realize what I did.


By email, one may contact me at [editorial note 2022: John's email address is not available anymore] where a "dot" is inserted after the "John".


By mail, one may contact me at [editorial note 2022: John's address is not available anymore].


Please, no telephone calls. I am hard of hearing and I do not like the telephone.


I am the webmaster for this site. No one else (as was the case for the Kenbak-1 computer) is responsible for it. Feel free to send your comments. [editorial note 2022: John gave Achim Baqué permission to rescue and host his former website]

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