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Some User Reactions to the KENBAK-1 Computer


"Thank you for the opportunity of using this excellent educational device. I have taken the KENBAK-1 computer to high schools, grade schools, and used it in my own college course. It is a great motivational tool and exhibits most all computer fundamentals. In particular, I felt that its simplicity and excellent choice of instructions were bonuses . . . May I have your permission to feature the KENBAK-1 computer in an article? I believe that such a machine is ideal for education."

Computer Science Professor, University


"I want to compliment you on both the sophistication and the reliability of the KENBAK-1 computer. For the serious student, it is a great way to learn about machine/assembly-language programming and about the logical organization of a computer."

Mathematics Department Chairman, Private School


"I was extremely pleased at the progress of my students working with the KENBAK-1 computer. Concepts that we had only talked about came alive to them. The one thing that pleased us the most was the definite excitement that the students exhibited in using the computer. They enjoyed working with it and took their own time to develop more fully their understanding of the concepts."  Business Instructor, Junior College


"I spent the last two years working with a Sigma 5/7 computer. It is a little surprising to find a small beast that operates essentially like the large ones. The fact that the students deal essentially in machine and assembly language when working with the KENBAK-1 undoubtedly gives them considerable insight into how a digital computer operates."

Mathematics Teacher, Private School


"The computer is a fine instructional device for classroom purposes with students beginning the study of computers and/or data processing." 

Business Instructor, Junior College


"Received my KENBAK-1 computer in excellent condition and overall I have been very pleased with it. I have found it rather easy to write programs for it, due largely to the extensive instruction set."

Private Owner


"The KENBAK-1 computer has been evaluated by qualified personnel from a number of agencies here. It has been identified as an excellent inexpensive tool for teaching at the beginning level and would serve to supplement a course in Introductory Data Processing."

Director, Career Development Center, US Army


[The above comments were compiled January 27, 1973, from letters in the files.]


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